Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Chemical Romance: The World Is Ugly/The Light Behind Your Eyes- Coventional Weapons

A-side: The World Is Ugly:

It is different to the other songs so far, a welcomed change of tone and pace. Opens with a sweeping icy synth before guitars powerfully crash in together. Its got a ‘Welcome to the black parade’ feel to it, though less anthem-y and lower key, but it posses the same pride filled feeling. Gerard’s vocals are the softest and slowest yet, but as passion filled as ever. It’s the comforting song, like a old favored blanket in winter, full of hope and understanding. Guitars sweep and swirl grittily in unison, with the odd solo guitar sweep and spike and some nice solo gritty guitar near the end. Very typical but they do it so well that its not even a bad thing. Its subtly with this band, not blinding differences, most the time. Much better than ‘Ambulance’ and ‘Gun’.

B-side: The Light Behind Your Eyes:

Well well. The hidden gem of the singles? It opens with soft mournful violin sounds, soon joined by a gentle acoustic guitar and Gerard’s bare, emotional vocals. The song builds with layers of piano, acoustic guitars and violins creating this beautiful reflective yet subtly hopeful atmosphere. Very nice.
Wailing electric guitars take over for the grand finale build, turning it a little bit more typical, but goes back to how it began for the very end, so the last thing you hear as it slows down and fades out is piano, violin and Gerard’s melancholic mumbles. I could listen to this song on repeat, its simply perfect. Whenever they’ve set out a song like this before, its been much more raw, hopelessly seeking comfort when this time they are comforting us. A nice little twist.

Thankfully a step up from last months single, but it also raises the bar in my eyes. This single seems to be the pause, the refection. Makes me even more curious for next months.