Sunday, 13 January 2013

'Kiss The Ring'- 'Conventional Weapons'- My Chemical Romance

 'Kiss The Ring' the latest single from 'Conventional Weapons' is, in my opinion, the best single yet. It’s fun, it’s bouncy, bass-y and its fast. We're talking gritty hair whipping rock and roll done perfectly. The kind of song that should be accompanied with a video of denim and leather clad youths with long straggly hair leaning out of a truck that speeds down some random road in the middle of some desert in America.

 It has got a different feel from the rest; it’s the natural progression song we’ve all been waiting for. It’s different enough from Black Parade to be a step forward, but without them losing their identity. To be honest the rest have been a bit inconsistence on this front. I have been trying to treat each single in there own respect because at the end of the day, they are mainly throwback songs, great MCR songs, that i'm sure the majority of fans are very grateful for and love, but still the point stands.

But 'Kiss The Ring' is what we’d expect from another version of the Black Parade follow up. But having said that I am still glad they gave us Danger Days instead, as that is an truly amazing album.

The B-Side ‘Make Room!!!!’ actually sounds like something that could have been on ‘Danger Days’, the B-side for ‘Party Poison’ maybe? It’s along the same lines as ‘Kiss The Gun’ but with more sass and bare in places. It is easily just as good as the ‘Tomorrows Money’. You can clearly see how these songs were the stepping stones that lead them to creating that fantastic new sound. It even has a lyric, “everybody wants to change to world/but no one wants to die” from ‘Na Na Na’ but sang slightly different, which is odd to listen to. 

Great gritty energetic fun rock and roll that makes you want to jump, twist and shout. 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Tall Ships debut album- ‘Everything Touching'

Tall Ships- ‘Everything Touching’- 2012- Big Scary Monsters/Blood And Bisciuts
From Brighton they're a brand new band who released their stunning debut end of last year

Opening song, ‘T=0’, is powerful and direct, with its raw scratching guitar, pounding drums and subtle keyboard. It’s strangely rhythmic, like great waves splashing against a violently rocking boat in the midst of the ocean. It calms down momentarily for the soft longing vocals.  ‘Best Ever’, the following song is an instrumental that opens with the voice and laughter of children, apparently a theme of the album. The drums pound relentlessly with chirping guitars, cooing in and out like birds; the sea like wave of guitar rushes in and out, crashing against the drums. The whole song has a feeling of building up, but towards what end? All goes quiet with the strumming of a single guitar, winding the song down, but oh no it crashes back in again full pelt with all the instruments.  ‘yyyeeaaahhhh’ vocals.

‘Phosphorescence’ and ‘Oscar’ have bouncing bass and joyous jangling guitars. His simple, soft and beautiful voice sings enchanting lyrics. These songs are simply joyous and filled with love. ‘Phosphorescence’ really is a shining song with its light-hearted bouncing, occasional xylophone and clear bold vocals. ‘Ode To Ancestors’ is a clever little song. It starts off minimalistic with his love filled voice and a slow echoed piano like keyboard, you begin to think this is the whole song, which you start to really quiet like but then out of nowhere comes those strong restless drums and simple but fast xylophones, his voice becomes echoed and seems to soar high above. It’s a fantastic time change and changes the whole mood of the song wonderfully; from whispered love to an ecstatic outburst.

Single ‘Gallop’ is back on form with almost tribal drums, raw jangling guitar, it’s like running, but not for your life, to discover something new, it’s an urgent sound, a Tall Ships sound, with truly inspirational lyrics. Another reviewer, Ed Spencer from Art Rocker, described this album like going through the emotions of being ship-wrecked, and I can’t help but agree with them.

‘Idolatry’ is a much softer slower song, more melancholic. It is mostly lead by this softly distorted soaring keyboard, the drums slower but still as proud, guitars adding to this sense of soaring high above. Proof they already can experiment and change their sound without losing what makes them Tall Ships. From here the next few songs feels a bit like a calmer S.C.U.M song. ‘Send News’ blends so effortlessly into the end of the last song I’m not sure where one ends and the other begins, it could even be ‘Books’ by now, but it doesn’t matter as peace seems to wash through your soul with these soaring sounds. ‘Books’ sees the return of his charming vocals which repeat the same melancholic message about time. Instruments and vocals unite to create this sound that seems to douse in and out like the waves of sea, tying nicely into the opening of the album. If this album had a theme it would be the sound of waves.

‘Murmurations’ is the perfect closing track for a stunning album. It opens with a quiet heartbeat drum and slowly builds with layers of simplistic guitars, muffled tambourines, soaring keyboard, piano and violins that all work together seamlessly, increasing the speed slightly as it goes. It’s like a sense of building excitement and joy. It shimmers and soars as it washes in and out. When finally a chorus of soft echoed vocals come in and repeat a simple message, you have shivers and goose bumps. It winds back down, quietening but the very last thing you hear is a little child babbling happily away to themselves.

Evidently this is a very clever band, who seem to have their style sorted and well simply can’t wait to hear what they do next. - T=O - Gallop