Monday, 1 September 2014

Moral of the story, support Air Ambulance, it could save your life one day.

Another pub and another interview; this time with organiser and more recently security guy, Shaun Roberts at the Hare and Hounds on Wynall Lane.

It’s the prequel to the main event, the Air Ambulance Charity event at The Hare and Hound, which was 23rd August 

So we start off with the easy and obvious questions, why Air Ambulance?
Thankfully, Shaun divulges it was a second hand experience which shook him up. In a previous life Shaun drove for a living and once saw a car accident happen on a road that is tricky to get to, the Air Ambulance got there in ten minutes, twenty minutes faster than via the roads, those precious twenty minutes saved that person’s life. That made him stop and think, I may need that. I was very shocked to hear that this live saving service is purely funded by charity, no Government or NHS help, Shaun is also outraged by this.

 I share that I’ve also been in a situation, where a person I saw being attacked was saved by them. Weirdly enough, the drummer from Primer worked at the school at that time, talk about a small world.

Is that why they are playing today? I ponder.

Shaun states it’s more because of a very good working relationship with Primer, they’ve done a few air ambulance gigs before with him. All the bands are supporters; it’s not about furthering their careers. Star Scream actually come from Nottingham and practically begged Shaun to put them on the list.
Hopefully all four bands will play inside the pub in the evening, weather permitting,  and a few acoustic acts play outside during the afternoon. The evening line is as follows: Black Russian, a female fronted rock band, Star Scream, a more commercial rock, Primer, a female fronted Goth rock band and  the headliners are Dark Eyes, male fronted light rock band.

I later enquired and found out that Mother Nature wasn’t kind, and it rained all day, so the acoustic acts were moved to the evening, which went well.
Unfortunately he wasn’t having much luck arranging stalls, but the pub owners will put on food and there will be a bouncy castle, as this was a family event.

As the rain comes down we move inside and I notice framed certificates across the wall, all of charity events and the amount raised, it’s pretty impressive. Mostly dart events with an average of £300 raised. Lee, the owner, guessed about £3000 has been raised total in just 18 months, as that’s how long him and his wife’s have had the pub, and they plan on continuing as they started.  I enquire of a target for Shaun’s gig, which doesn’t exist. Shaun see’s targets as a distraction, as if you miss it you’ll be disappointed, even if a lot was raised. It makes sense.

How long does organising an event take?

Roughly 3 months, that’s some dedication. That includes creating ideas, booking and promotion, as you can’t start promote too early, people will forget, or too late as people won’t hear about it, it’s a tricky balance, but Shaun seems to have it sorted from years of practise. Luckily it’s not too stressful, well if everyone plays nice and if it’s not your first time.

Although the music industry is stressful anyway. Hence why Shaun is taking a step back and going into security, well trying anyway, as music is also a drug. He sighs that it’s so demanding and people often screw you over. After five years, it’s easy to see why it can grind at you and cause issues in your personal life. But Shaun himself seems unsure he can stay away too long.
It all started from a pure love of rock music and a desire to give something back to an industry which has given him so much over his life. I can relate to this, as I’ve grown up with it and it’s shaped who I am and I get the privilege of sharing great music.

If only I could have made the event. But I hear the evening went well, which I am glad of.

I’ll as soon as I know how much was raised, I’ll add it.

Moral of the story, support Air Ambulance, it could save your life one day.