Sunday, 1 March 2015

NME Awards Tour 2015.

NME Awards Tour 2015. Birmingham HMV Institute

The NME Awards Tours are famous for celebration, a party atmosphere and showcasing their favourite bands. This tour was no different. This year it was 
Slaves, Amazing Snakeheads, Fat White Family and Palma Violets headlining.  

Let me begin by saying, you should have been there.

Saying that, Wyches were a dull start, no stage presence and were very bland with most songs sounding like a poor Black Sabbath rip off.

Slaves on the other hand were incredible. These two men had character, charisma and a huge sound. It was classic punk; fast, fun and intelligent.  The floor turned into a huge trampoline, they had us transfixed for their too short set. I’m very excited for their debut.

Unfortunately Amazing Snakeheads weren’t there due to them splitting up. I pray they change their mind.

Fat White Family lived up to expectation. Insane. Despite their music on record being very 50’s rock and roll mixed with punk, live it’s all about the feedback and screaming. The singer was half naked with his long black hair glued back and seemed to be having the time of his life. Very exciting, the highlight being the closing track ‘Bomb Disneyland’ which managed a shout along.

The headlining act, Palma Violets were the most fun band I’ve seen live. The set was full of happiness, love and energy, it was infectious, everyone was dancing, wooing and smiling perfectly content. The songs were fuller and richer live with lovely feedback. They held us in the palm of their hands as we all melted like butter. Pretty much every song was a sing along. Their style, rock &Roll/Garage with sprinkles of post-punk was meant to be played live. Highlight song was ‘Best Friends’ with its pure teenage hyperness and happiness. Also ‘Last of the summer wine’ due to the audience. During its ghostly romantic intro we all crouched down, waiting for that killer riff to kick in and when it did, we all jumped high and proud. It was such a laugh. The whole night was just incredibly fun.

This then continued at the Hot Wax ft. Palma Violets DJ set downstairs. It was a small simple but classy room that took a little while to warm and fill up. Excellent mix of songs were played, from the The Kinks and The Who to Oasis and David Bowie. Again it was just as much fun, for the band, DJ’s, even photographer and the audience.

Like I said, you should have been there.