Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Frankie and the Heartstrings - Think Yourself Lucky

Out of the blue Frankieand the Heartstrings are back on the scene and straight back into our hearts like they never left.  Not only are there two singles and an video online from seemingly nowhere, they also have an album coming out on the 10th July. That’s two days away!

Decency, the bands 3rd album, is on Sex Pop ltd and is now available to pre-order on clear 180g vinyl, CD and download. 

Main single, ‘Think Yourself Lucky’, is charming, bouncy and oh so much fun. 50’s rockabilly with a 21st hum

or. It grabs you by the hands, drags you onto the dancefloor and spins you round, dancing manically as you laugh and join in. It makes you smile and laugh uncontrollably; director Robbie Knox captures this magnificently, and well just watch it!

B side ‘Save It For Tonight’, is dominated by sharp jerky guitar and Frankie’s heart-warming, smile inducing croons. The song hugs you warmly, apologising for being away so long, and like always we forgive and play it repeatedly, or is that just me?  

Bring on Decency.