Saturday, 6 February 2016

Savages - Adore Life

Adore life, releaesed on Matador Records, is Savages second offering. It's an album that takes no hostages nor does it compromise, opening with the fierce single The Answer. It growls and howls at you with an irritated circling guitar. The albums art is minimalistic and monochrome. The single clenched fist juxtaposed next to the title Adore Life is a call to arms, a command.

Stand out track, Sad Person has an almost sarcastic tone to it, with a reggae inspired  drum beat and screeching guitar.

Single Adore is sultry and alluring when put against the other tracks, not nearly as haunting as when heard alone with the bleak video directed by Anders Malmberg.

Slow Down The World is another reggae esc tune. Which makes sense of course as Reggae and Punk were brother & sister in the late 70s. Both voices of repression and rebellion. This song is a sexy but dangerous sound, the girl you watch in equal parts love and fear.

The albums ends with a haunting and unnerving song; reminiscent of Esben & the Witch. It's definitely a second album as it's more refined and confident. Its got a sense of sisterhood and unity to it.

Over all, fantastic.

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  1. Lively and descriptive, gives a real sense of the album.