Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Voice UK star, Jordan Gray, releases first music video with cis/trans love scene in ‘Platinum’.

Voice UK star, Jordan Gray, has released the first music video with a cis/trans love scene with her latest single, ‘Platinum’.

Semi-finalist of the Voice UK, Jordan Gray, previously known as Tall Dark Friend, is attempting to normalise trans/cis relationships with her music video ‘Platinum’, her first single releases since being on The Voice UK. 

The video features herself with ex-porn star turn musician Mickey Taylor in bed as a couple, which despite the large majority of pop music videos containing similar scenes, is a first and activism by default as Jordan Gray is a trans women.

When asked about the music video being activism, Jordan said, “If it’s seen as activism it’s a reflection on society, it is but it shouldn’t be. Activism is a huge part of my life ‘cus I’m trans.”

The music video is a paradox as it is a form of activism, which is a positive move forward with trans rights and normalising trans/cis relationships, but it shouldn’t be unusual as the video is no different to other pop music videos, such as Paloma Faith’s, ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This’.

Also featured is Burlesque artist Isabella Bliss, who said, “She’s a great performer so why does it matter? It is new and unique but it shouldn’t be the be all and end all."

'Platinum' itself is a fantastic pop song full of energy and passion, with catchy hooks, snippets of rap and gorgeous vocals.

Jordan is also working on a rap EP under the name of Tall Dark Friend, which tackles head on trans right with explicit lyrics describing everyday life as a trans-female artist. 

‘Platinum’ is available to download on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play and the CD and Vinyl copy is available on Jordan Gray’s website.

Also available is Jordan Gray’s previous album, The Baffled King, under Tall Dark Friend on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

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