Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Staffordshire University Diversity Fashion Show

Yesterday Staffordshire University’s LRV hosted the 9th Diversity Fashion Show in aid of the Student Unions Food Hub, which supports students with finance issues by helping to supply food.

The show started very well as it had a general feeling of professionalism with the smooth lighting and music by Birmingham DJ Lomi and confident models,who frequently gave their walk an individual flair. 

The outfits were interesting, well designed and culturally diverse as cultures were given there own section, such as the Chinese, French and Korean walks.

The outfit were mostly sourced from charity donates by PDSA, Air Ambulance and Douglas MacMillan Hospice, who had a stall set up alongside few other craft stalls, the exception being the Korean walk, as they were designed and made by Sarah Shannon.

The High Street walk contained good ideas for Christmas and New Years parties, The Prom walk by The Prom Dressing Room, was slow with a limited selection compared to the Wedding walk, dresses provided by Air Ambulance, which was better paced with a nice selection, although was brief. 

Fahrenheit, a local youth dance club were talented and entertaining, though a little disorganised but that was due to them being called in last minute and only having 10 minutes to rehearse due to the planned group becoming ill earlier that day.

Unfortunately, the presenters did let the event down with their awkward over-rehearsed jokes and lack of microphone technique.

The LGBT+ walk felt like tokenism due to how brief it was and that fact everyone came out together, not giving the audience time to appreciate each outfit.

The World Peace walk also fell flat as it followed the same pattern as LGBT+ but with everyone in white, with no message or purpose.

The end of the show was disappointing due to its poor pacing and lack of professionalism which was a shame as it starting well and had real potential.

Hopefully, next year can hold it together until the end.


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